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Europharm Lab. Co,. Ltd.
Europharm Lab. Co,. Ltd. has now more than 100 employees, in-house logistics team, research team and manufacturing plant which is for production, thermo-regulated warehouse and a series of laboratories.
One of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Hong Kong with in-house logistics team and three temperature and humidity warehouses for storage the finished products, raw materials and packaging materials respectively.
Customer Issues
Low space utilization
Low efficiency in packing and picking
High operational costs

Project Objectives
Create upper floor for storage fast moving small items
Combining racking and shelving storage systems
Increase space utilization
Increase system reliability and control

Project and Services
Operations consulting
Warehouse layout design
Mezzanine modules
Project Scope and Results
Turnkey installation
Project management and auditing
High efficiency in packing and picking operations
Increase system reliability and control

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