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Kerry Logistics
Kerry Warehouse is a part of Kerry Logistics Network Limited. They are one of the Asia-based logistics services providers, providing one-stop logistics service and supply chain solutions. Their services cater to a wide range of local, regional and international corporations.
Kerry Warehouse acts as a third-party service provider, storing, distributing and managing clients’ products.

From their Headquarters in Hong Kong, they actively operate in over 180 cities globally, 25 countries worldwide and serve over 1,100 cities throughout mainland China.
Drive-ing Racking Long Span Shelving Drive-ing Racking

Customer Issues
Lack of storage system in this unit
Build a Mezzanine to increase storage space
High turnover rate
User needs

Drive-ing Racking Long Span Shelving Drive-ing Racking
Project Objectives
Create upper floor for storage fast moving items
Combining racking and shelving storage systems
Increase space utilization
Increase system reliability and control

Single Selective Racking Single Selective Racking

Product and Services
Mezzanine Modules
Project Scope and Results
Increase space utilization
Increase customer satisfaction
High efficiency in packing and picking      operations
Efficient mezzanine installation

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