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Tsit Wing Coffee Group
Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited is one of Hong Kong's leading food and beverages supplier. From its beginning as a coffee, tea and grocery supplier to beverage and forrd services industry leader.
One of Hong Kong's leading food and beverages supplier. It has expanded its business range to include coffee shops, distributing branded coffee and tea machines, and supplying instant beverage products and grocery to supermarkets
Customer Issues
Block Stacking - stacked loads susceptible to damage
Not productive for mixed carton and pallet picking
Warehouse expansion

Drive-ing Racking Drive-ing Racking
Project Objectives
Improve warehouse reliability and efficiency
Increase storage space utilization
Enhance picking and packing flow control

Drive-ing Racking Drive-ing Racking

Product and Services
"See-thru" warehouse layout design
Warehouse contraction and renovation
Combined racking and shelving tailor-made      racking systems
Collapsible containers
Project Scope and Results
Achieve First-in-first-out concept
Relatively Low capital investment in racking      systems
Cooperate with existing equipment

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